Friday, April 30, 2010

Rude Boy.

Allow me to expand on some stories Haleigh touched on.

Let me begin with Harry Potter. Usually Haleigh and I are not down with making fun of cute little boys in the club...but Mr. Potter turned out to be quite the creeper, so I must put him on blast.
Me and Haleigh are minding our own business dancing on the rail when I notice this boy across from us is creepy staring at Haleigh. He stands in front of her for a good 5 minutes staring her down...more like he was in a trance though. He may have been putting a spell on her, I wasn’t for sure though. But of course Haleigh did not even notice until I could no longer hold it together anymore and broke down. I told her about him, and about this time some extremely intoxicated, cute girl came and danced with him. Saved by the bell!!
I was happy the girl freak danced with him...but despite the attention he did not give up with us. He tried me for a little bit longer but some boys next to us saved us by pretending they knew us. How nice of them.

Alright, now let me tell you about the chubby dude in Big 12 who HAD to be packin...or doin a little something special with the ladies/sorostitues because I swear...he had a following...and he wasn’t even an athlete. These girls may have still been J chasers though..who knows.

Boy who's PACKIN!

Anywho, we first noticed him standing in front of us talking to this girl. They looked like they were real just began dating or something. Throughout our time in the establishment, we saw this girl go from loving hating him. Girl after girl came up to this boy, gave him a two handed bearhug, and some even whispered in his ear and kissed his cheek. Needless to say, all these women did NOT make the girlfriend happy. After some serious confrontations, she left the club, hands crossed, douche bag in tow. He kept sayin stuff to her and grabbing her arm, and she kept pushin his arm off. It was kind of sad..but she had to know he was a douche before that fateful night...right??

One more story. We first get to Big 12 and we head to the bar. We get our drinks and the bartender sets them on the bar. We pay, Haleigh grabs mine and attempts to hand it to me...right when this girl decides to turn around, bumping Haleigh and causing her to spill my drink a little bit on her arm. Clearly this B’s fault. Maybe we should have been mad at her, but definitely not the other way around. She continues to stare us down the rest of the night. She even gets her friends to mean mug us...REALLY SOROSTITUES?!? At one point I make eye contact with the B’s friend and smile and say “Hi : )”...We’re lovers, not fighters. She nervously looks away, confused by my behavior.

I just punched someone.


I have a question

I just punched someone

I punched the crap out of her and now I’m trying to run away.

Ahahaha. The 1 minute 37 second walk from Big 12 to Tonic on Thursday is NEVER dull.

What had happened was… we walk up behind this girl stumbling up the street. She’s on the phone trying to fix her shoe (that didn’t even close to match what she was wearing - red poka dot summer heels with black leather..what?). She’s trying to gather her balance and apparently her thoughts as she makes her way up the street. Stumbling from someone the rest of us couldn’t see.

Apparently if you’re a woman waiting in line to use the men’s restroom the appropriate response when a man asks you if someone is in the men’s restroom is…”Why you wanna suck his ****?” Stephen’s College in the House!

The REAL Harry Potter made an appearance at Tonic last night and tried to freak dance with every intoxicated woman in the club…get it!

The Girl that took off her skirt to dance. It was all good because she apologized. Really happened.

And for the portion we all know and love HIGHLIGH of the NIGHT!

Brought to you again by the lovely Jayme Harrold.

Walking from Tonic back to our car Jayme stops us in our tracks to make a very important announcement. Guys, guys, that wasn’t even that fun!

Board with going out in Columbia after only 2 weeks, that has to be some sort of record. I’m so proud.

Dear Columbia,

You still have a chance to improve the attractiveness of your after hours night life to the Harrold Sisters and Company.

Included in this letter you will find a list of our demands.

1. Diversify the club scene
2. Less house more of what we love to listen to
3. Transitions, we don’t like to feel like an “a bomb” was dropped in between songs
4. Go back to the old school, 2005, you did it right back then

That’s all…for now.

With Hope for a better Future

Haleigh Harrold

Tonight date night to Date Night!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why do white girls dance on each other?

This has been the most asked question of my adult life. Frankly I have no idea. I would much rather dance on a man for several pretty obvious reasons. Dancing with a dude just mechanically works better, not to mention its more fun.

This leads me to Friday night. Two average looking college girls, by that I mean on bleach blonde and one brunette (sounds like Jay and I but we don't do the most hair and makeup wise)... anyways... they strut on to the dance floor hand in hand and just go to town on each other.

My boo be points and says no way thats not making your blog.

Thanks baby!

At one point the bleach blondes mouth was about a centimeter from the brunette's cho cha. Really Girls?!?

I mean I'm all about having a good time, do yoru thang, but first tell my why. I'm 100% certain there were more than a handful of dudes ready and willing to dance with these two pretty, fun chicks.

So why dance on each other? Enlighten me please, comments welcome.

Let me just put it out there the lack of inflated EGOS made my friday night enjoyable...sorry j-chasers!

Now for the segment we all know and love HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT!

This weeks Highlight of the Night is brought to you by none other than Jayme Harrold.

So this skinny boy (side note...once I though he was the guy who stole my cell phone so I spit ice at him at the club, he wasn't the guy, oops) anyways he approaches Jay to spit game at her. The first time it was cute, I think she kind of liked it, even though it was OBVIOUSLY game.

Dude she already knows she gorgeous!

The second time he catches her attention near the bar and we leave her to chat. She eventually finds us with this DIVA smile creeping across her face. I give her the what now....

...he was doing the most.

She says, Were talking and somehow we get on the subject of California (everybody wants to be from/go to California) and he asks me if I've ever been to LA. I say no.

He says oh do you know blah blah blah...she is in the group that won America's Best Dance Crew (America's WHAT?!?)

Uh no (confused look and tone from Jay I imagine)

Oh well thats my ex-girlfriend and I went out there to see her...

(okay now imagine the most disappointed poor you voice from Jayme) your name dropping.

Dude, Jayme, did you really say that?


Ahahahaha who does that...only you little Jay, only you!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fairly Uneventful

Friday night, 4.23.2010…ohhh where to start??
Actually, it was pretty I really have absolutely NO idea where to start!

Despite its uneventfulness, it was a fun night.

It will be forever remembered as (1) The first time a complete stranger grabbed my ass with both hands in the process of asking for my number (2) The night the name-dropping choreographer confessed his love for me (3) And the tragic evening that I found out my boyfriend from class has no idea who I am...and now thinks I’m a stalker.

I’m assuming Haleigh has nothing to add to this post since it was a pretty uneventful night, one in which her and Taso danced the night away with each other...and tried their hardest to convince me to talk to my class boyfriend. Good think I learned years ago NOT to take Haleigh’s advice..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Night of Awkward Moments

I must agree with Haleigh, Saturday was the best night, far. BUT it was also the most awkward night ever, at least for me. Allow me to tell you about it..

First awkward moment.

We lose the boys in an attempt to get ourselves some drinks. In our search for them in the crowded club, we happen to run into the douche mentioned in an earlier post as “the former football player”. Yes, this is the dude I pushed several times until he finally left our presence. Well, I find myself directly in front of him, both of us trying to get through the crowd going opposite directions. After staring each other down, we decide to not to start a confrontation and to just move past each other. The problem was, we kept trying to go the same way. I went left, he went left. I went right, he went right. I go left again, he goes left again. In his haste to get around me, he kept spilling his drink on me. Ugh.

To much of the onlookers’ surprise, no, we were not dancing with each other. We actually strongly dislike each other. We were just trying to get past each other without it being too awkward. FAIL.

Second awkward moment.

Have you ever had some built up irritation with someone and you know they know you are irritated with them, but neither of you feel the need to have the conversation? And then when you see them they think its cool to just pretend that there isn’t an issue when there IS?

Well this happened Saturday night. I do not have fake friends. A hug was attempted...and denied lol

Third awkward moment.

I’m dancing in my own little world as usual when this dude comes up, puts his arms around me, and exclaims, “GIRRRL, DIDN’T I TELL YOU TO STOP CHEATIN ON ME?!?”. Uhhh whaaat? My exact thought process..

  1. Excuse me Sir, I do not cheat. Especially not on someone im in a relationship with.
  2. Wait..Do I even have a boyfriend? No. I do not. This dude is TRIPPIN!
  3. Uhh hold I even know who this guy is? His voice sounds familiar, but his face is not ringing a bell. Negative.
  4. Ohhh waaait...He’s the guy that’s been speaking into the microphone all night..hence the microphone in his hand.
  5. So I reply, “Uhhh sorry” : )

He laughs, starts to walk away, then continues blabbing in the microphone about some more nonsense.

Fourth awkward moment.

So not only was the birthday boy, Mr. Nkosi present, but his friends also came out with us! I knew most of them, but met this new guy named Fred who actually works at Memoir Saturday nights. So I couldn’t remember exactly what he looked like, alcohol may have been a factor, but I DID remember he was wearing a red polo. So I see a dude with a red polo around us pretty much all night assuming its Fred. Didn’t think anything of it. The last 30 minutes or so, Haleigh and I are dancing and this guy in the red polo is right by us dancing too. We are all facing each other. He keeps saying stuff to us, and naturally I am friendly back because I thought that since he was Taso’s friend, he must not be a creeper.

We get outside about an hour later and Haleigh starts talking about this interesting dude that was dancing by us for a really long time. I reply, “Oh yea, you mean Taso’s friend Fred. He is so nice!” She informs me, “Jayme, that was not Fred. That was some random creeper. We do not know him”.

Lol oops : )

On a side note, he does get some points in my book for pointing out Haleigh's "blemish"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Best Night far

Sunday was the Birthday Boy’s b-day and Monday and Tuesday were less than desirable in general which brings me to right now sitting in class blogging about the weekend while my adorable (don’t tell him I said that) teacher is trying to get on the internet and get the final on the screen.

Enough of that. The general consensus is that Saturday Night was AWESOME! Probably because it was.

Jay and I went to tropicals it was delightful. No, apparently you cannot chug a trops in 45 minutes. So we start heading up the street towards 10th street, looking for trouble when trouble found us…nice!

(note not the young one wasn't there...sad)

So they captured us as their pretties and took us to Memoir? Old Athena? Boo Be you said you would never…looks like you are.

As we approach I sense the EGO in the air. I’m already used to our crew’s egos so this was new bigger, more, more douche.

In a tight race for best moment of the night Drunkie shows his ID to the bouncer and in his toughest voice the bouncer boomed, I can’t let you in this ID is expired. You could here the record some screeeeeeetching to a stop. What? What this place really has changed I went there every weekend when I was… not quite 21ish. The motto was you don’t need NO ID! I’m pretty sure it was scribbled above the door.

Lucky for everyone involved Drunkie hand him some other form of ID and yells “WELL I GUESS” hilarious, we held up the line for some time after that, laughing too hard to move inside.

Once inside it was like dropping a bag of marbles on the floor, we were all feeling good so we scattered, meeting where….

…the dance floor of course duh!

We danced all night in our own little worlds…I guess that was just me and my boo be.

Jayme may have a different take on the night…

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wait...where are you from?

Typical Jayme and Haleigh. Walk into Fieldhouse, head to the back and step up to the bar for a drink. Unfortunately the only part of the bar that wasn't packed was right in the mist of several undesirables. So we stood there really confused for about five minutes like oh no what should we do. Do we risk it and step in the middle of a swarm or do we patiently wait. It's not like us to be patient yet the thought of stepping up to the bar in the middle of a swarm... ooo what to do.

Luckily Jaron stepped in and saved the day, got us some cranberry vodka that tasted like...not cranberry vodka. Not sure what the deal is with fieldhouses cranberry or their vodka but it was interesting...not bad, interesting.

We found the perfect seat and watched the boys do their thing.

When we found our way to the dance floor the action began. First this boy walks ups and asks Jayme her name of course she says it is Penelope. He gets really excited, creepy smiles and asks where are you from. Confused Jayme says uh OREGON. He though she was from his native Brazil because her name (fake name) was Penelope...ahahaha.

So this really sexy guy walks in and starts dancing near us. There is a lot of sexual tension between us and he leans over to ask me my name. "My name is Katarina...but you can call me pussy cat,"yeah I said it. My boo be got a good laugh.

I freak grinded with my boo be while Jayme ran through the fellas turning them down one by one.

We were in our own world all it!

Pirates and Disco Balls

Alright…there is two interesting and fairly consistent things I have noticed in these past 2 weeks of going out in this fine town of Columbia, MO.

1. 11 o’clock at Fieldhouse is the time for skinny white boys to show their skills on the dance floor. If this is something you enjoy watching (which me and Haleigh do), arrive promptly at 11PM. Both weeks when we got there, there has been some gentlemen performing their best moves, which is a unique combination of grinding, krump, and jerkin. My educated guess is that their moves are a direct influence of the bottomless cup until 12AM...them arriving around 10PM and consistently drinking until they can’t no more.

2. Women must respond well to dudes walking up to them in the club and straight up asking for their number. No pre-asking conversations. No pre-asking dancing. And no known mutual friends. I assume some women must respond to this approach, because multiple men have tried this on me. My reaction is always utter confusion. Really dude? At least dance with me or give me some type of compliment first lol

Take it away Katarina..

Friday, April 16, 2010

So Unconventional

Every time I step foot in Big 12 I instantly feel like I am losing brain cells and intelligence. I think worshiping people and doing things because its cool is ridiculous...and there is wayy too much of that going on in there. The first thing I said last week when I got there was, "OMG remind me to NEVER come here again"...I'm a little ashamed to say that it was so entertaining we had to go back this week lol

Big 12 was interesting and entertaining as usual, but we spent most of our night dancing at Tonic...Haleigh all boo'ed up and me in my own dancing world. I made a new friend, LJ, and danced next to him for most the night while turning creepers and away. We were about to leave when this boy comes and taps me on the shoulder.

He said, "You know, we were talking about how unconventional your outfit is, but we decided you really pulled it off".

Time Out...unconventional?? I'm used to Haleigh's crazy outfits so some light yellow shorts, purple shirt, and some black heals (see above) in a club is NOT that unconventional. This guy would not be convinced otherwise though. I knew what he was saying was a compliment, but I couldn't help staring at him with confusion for a good 30 seconds. Some good arguments were made, but we decided to agree to disagree. Afterall, he is from Missouri.

I wake up this morning wondering who the heck had gently cradled my face with his hand then lightly kissed my cheek last night. Hmmm. I can remember my reaction being like, whoa, uhhh, alright...but couldn't remember who this mystery man was. Good thing Haleigh remembered. She informed me it was the dude who thought my outfit was unconventional. To make things even more awkward, I can remember the dude being with his girlfriend when I was arguing with him about colors that match. I doubt the girlfriend enjoyed her boyfriend kissing me. Ohh Missourians.

Thursday Night Fever

Oh Thursday, how I love you... and hate you Friday morning.

I got some exciting news Thursday afternoon that my boo be and his lovable friends would be meeting us out.

Haleigh: Text me when you headed up

Boo Be: How about I just show up

Haleigh: Yeah okay you show up and we'll flirt with each other like we don't know each other and then I'll take you home.

Hook. line. & sinker.

This really jazzed Jay and I.

On top of that best SNL's of 2000's was on...sweet. We were dying laughing and only got ready on commercials. Apparently Jayme picked out an "unconventional outfit"??? She'll have to fill you in on that.

So we get to our favorite Douche bar... I mean Big 12

Got our cran vodka and chilled.

Highlight of my night...


Shortly after this I tossed a piece of ice right down Jayme's shirt only moments after she laid down the Going Out As Sisters Rules

Jayme: No pushing (she didn't follow that one)

Haleigh: No throwing wet things (obviously thats too much for me)

Things get interesting when a "party trolly" (is this San Fran) full of athletes swoops in and swarms the bar.

To be surrounded by athletes that we really couldn't care less to chill with is like sitting in a bee hive your just waiting for them to sting.

On the plus side we chatted with Pip for quite a while and as it turns out she is just like us, weird and down to earth at the same time. Who would have known.

So Chase Daniels (is there an S?), I know your wondering who is that, I am too. Well apparently he thinks he is somebody because he interrupts our conversation to say something unintelligible to Pip and then eye stares. Jayme and I promptly roll our eyes and divert our eyes out the window, which is tinted so kind of like starring into a black hole. Even that is better than giving something like Chase attention.

of course the three of us are beautiful so we are interrupted several more times, Jay take it away....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Losing My Tropical Virginity

So, Technically I lost my Trops viginity years ago..but this Saturday was the first time I was able to actually go in to buy my own. (To those of you who are uneducated on Trops, it is a restaurant that has about 10 alcoholic slushy machines, all different flavors. They are they best thing I have ever tasted.) I tell the dude, half 57 Chevy, half Silver Bullet. He replys, "I'm gonna need to see some ID". I smile and say OK! After studying my ID for a good 20 seconds, he says, "Whoa, you're BRAND new" little did he know, I'm not that new : )

We get our Trops and arrive home just in time for Saturday Night Live. To our delight, Tina Fey is HOSTING! If you missed it, here is the best skit of the night. I love her!

Legal Trops

So we walk into trops...

Jayme tell us all about losing your trops virginity!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Stripper-Coke Head Dance Off..

In addition to Haleigh’s post of Tonic...let me just say,

  1. The beating up of a former football player was well deserved for prior douchebagness on his part. And yes, he was scared of all 110 pounds of me : )
  2. And I have to confess, there was a little grinding on my part...please note though, that no names were

In addition to Haleigh's FieldHouse summary, the second-best part of the evening was right after we parked we came into contact with the dude at Tonic from the previous night who we got into our umpteenth verbal altercation of the weekend with...the one who “would not take no for an answer, thinking Haleigh was the younger sister”. This time he was accompanied by some friends of his. Thankfully he did not remember us, but asked where we were headed for the night. Then him and his friends, all at once, begin a “tryin to holla at us” session, yelling obscenities at us till we cross the street. We look at each other, roll our eyes, and continue on with our night.

And now for the BEST part of the evening."The coke head dance off". In our attempt to avoid the sorostitues and douches, we end up right in the middle of the stripper-coke head dance off. Surprisingly enough, neither of them was dressed for the club.

The stripper is in flip-flops, cut off ankle sweats, and a t-shirt. A drink in one hand and her over-sized purse in the other. Her and her boy-toy/lover for the night begin to stare at me and Haleigh, thinking we want to battle or something...lmao. (She never got the hint that we don’t do that, but thankfully she eventually found other competition) She hands her drink and over-sized purse to her lover, then proceeds to hump the floor, the air, herself (yes it its possible), and random girls, get low, shake it like a salt shaker, and give her boy a lap dance...pretty much anything a stripper would do, this girl was doing lol

The coke head was dressed in some jeans, flip-flops, and a tank top. She didn’t come into the picture until the stripper began dancing on her. The coke head didn’t shake back, she twitched back. That was her only move lol. She was quite the professional twitcher though. She did this thing where she bent her knees and twitched then stood up again and twitched some more. People began to make a circle around them while they danced on each other. The harder the stripper shook, the harder the coke head twitched. It was quite the scene. Luckily the coke head was not a fighter because there came a point where the stripper shoved her so hard she almost fell. The song changed just then, and the dance off was over.

We finished off the night making a music video in the wall-sized mirror with the dude in shades, presumably high on Marijuana. He seemed cool. Kind of wanted to become his friend : ) All in all, a good night

Oh where to start!

So now we've gotten to the point where we are at the front of the line at Tonic. The guy looks at my IDs (yes I showed him two forms, I run into trouble a lot) for about 3 minutes and says "Ma'am please step aside I'm going to have to get a second opinion". He then glances at Jayme's ID and lets her right in. The outrage! Excuse me, I am her older sister, three years older, check the names, check the addresses. Needless to say he let me in with out a second opinion.

Okay, so now we are inside Tonic. Two vodka cranberries por favor! The bartender nastily replies I'm not spanish WHAT! Since when is it offensive to speak random spanish. I shouted we just got back from Mexico! He didn't care, our drinks were weak.

We then get in another verbal altercation with a fellow who doesn't take no for an answer and think I'm the younger sister, what nerve.

Jayme then beats up a former football player to the delight of on lookers and I dance in my own world while Jayme grinds with the swarm of dudes that have congregated around here. All in all good night.

Friday Night at Fieldhouse was spent people watching. Nice. There was a couple in front of us that was quite interesting...I'm not all that sure they were a couple actually. Seemed like he was much less than interested and she was compensating...sad. We saw the usual sorostitutes and the usual douches. We pretty much avoided those areas. Danced in a music video recorded by the mirror in the back of the club.

The most interesting event of the night was the coke-head dance off. Hilarious and kind of scary. Jayme would you care to elaborate.

I was just thinking Taso is going to love a play by play of our nights out in Columbia if he ever finds this blog lol...not that I'm hiding it from him.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to Reality

Alright, so I dislike writing. Although I can spell better, Haleigh is by far, a way better writer. But since I love her, and going out in Columbia NEEDS to be documented, here is the most ridiculous thing of the night, 4.8.2010.

We’re walking from Big 12 to Tonic behind two couples. We’re fast walkers so we walk past them but end up directly in front of them in the line at Tonic. While getting money out of my clutch to donate a couple bucks to a good cause (it took less than 60 seconds), the girlfriend loudly complains to her boyfriend, “UGH, they are holding up the line!”…to which her boyfriend replies, “Yea I know, that is so annoying”. Then turns to us and asks in a nasty tone, “Are you guys in line?”

REALLY DUDE?!? You thing you’re THAT cool that were not gonna say something back to you? Not only were we not holding up the line, it was super early still. There was like, 6 other people in line. We instantly knew we were on the same page with this Dick. We were both thinking, let the verbal berating begin. : )

Haleigh says, “OMG the lines moved a whole 6 inches!” We take one step forward and I say, “Oh look, the lines still here! I can’t believe we held up the line for 2 seconds!” This went on for a good 3 minutes. And the coward didn’t say one thing to us. We must have brought him back to reality.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Why do you need a blog for this?

The never ending adventures of Pook & Pookie.

We need this because no one thinks we're sisters...they think we're lovers!

We need this because everyone thinks I'm Jayme's YOUNGER sister.

We need this because Haleigh starts arguments that escalate into fights and Jayme pushes everyone. She pushes everyone then turns around and says things like "I don't look cute when I walk fast" and "I've learned you can't make eye contact with not cute guys".

We ESPECIALLY need this because sorostitutes take compliments like, "I got it at BEBE, it was the last one, there aren't any left".

It's going to be an interesting two months....for sure!