Friday, April 30, 2010

Rude Boy.

Allow me to expand on some stories Haleigh touched on.

Let me begin with Harry Potter. Usually Haleigh and I are not down with making fun of cute little boys in the club...but Mr. Potter turned out to be quite the creeper, so I must put him on blast.
Me and Haleigh are minding our own business dancing on the rail when I notice this boy across from us is creepy staring at Haleigh. He stands in front of her for a good 5 minutes staring her down...more like he was in a trance though. He may have been putting a spell on her, I wasn’t for sure though. But of course Haleigh did not even notice until I could no longer hold it together anymore and broke down. I told her about him, and about this time some extremely intoxicated, cute girl came and danced with him. Saved by the bell!!
I was happy the girl freak danced with him...but despite the attention he did not give up with us. He tried me for a little bit longer but some boys next to us saved us by pretending they knew us. How nice of them.

Alright, now let me tell you about the chubby dude in Big 12 who HAD to be packin...or doin a little something special with the ladies/sorostitues because I swear...he had a following...and he wasn’t even an athlete. These girls may have still been J chasers though..who knows.

Boy who's PACKIN!

Anywho, we first noticed him standing in front of us talking to this girl. They looked like they were real just began dating or something. Throughout our time in the establishment, we saw this girl go from loving hating him. Girl after girl came up to this boy, gave him a two handed bearhug, and some even whispered in his ear and kissed his cheek. Needless to say, all these women did NOT make the girlfriend happy. After some serious confrontations, she left the club, hands crossed, douche bag in tow. He kept sayin stuff to her and grabbing her arm, and she kept pushin his arm off. It was kind of sad..but she had to know he was a douche before that fateful night...right??

One more story. We first get to Big 12 and we head to the bar. We get our drinks and the bartender sets them on the bar. We pay, Haleigh grabs mine and attempts to hand it to me...right when this girl decides to turn around, bumping Haleigh and causing her to spill my drink a little bit on her arm. Clearly this B’s fault. Maybe we should have been mad at her, but definitely not the other way around. She continues to stare us down the rest of the night. She even gets her friends to mean mug us...REALLY SOROSTITUES?!? At one point I make eye contact with the B’s friend and smile and say “Hi : )”...We’re lovers, not fighters. She nervously looks away, confused by my behavior.

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