Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to Reality

Alright, so I dislike writing. Although I can spell better, Haleigh is by far, a way better writer. But since I love her, and going out in Columbia NEEDS to be documented, here is the most ridiculous thing of the night, 4.8.2010.

We’re walking from Big 12 to Tonic behind two couples. We’re fast walkers so we walk past them but end up directly in front of them in the line at Tonic. While getting money out of my clutch to donate a couple bucks to a good cause (it took less than 60 seconds), the girlfriend loudly complains to her boyfriend, “UGH, they are holding up the line!”…to which her boyfriend replies, “Yea I know, that is so annoying”. Then turns to us and asks in a nasty tone, “Are you guys in line?”

REALLY DUDE?!? You thing you’re THAT cool that were not gonna say something back to you? Not only were we not holding up the line, it was super early still. There was like, 6 other people in line. We instantly knew we were on the same page with this Dick. We were both thinking, let the verbal berating begin. : )

Haleigh says, “OMG the lines moved a whole 6 inches!” We take one step forward and I say, “Oh look, the lines still here! I can’t believe we held up the line for 2 seconds!” This went on for a good 3 minutes. And the coward didn’t say one thing to us. We must have brought him back to reality.

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