Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Best Night Ever...so far

Sunday was the Birthday Boy’s b-day and Monday and Tuesday were less than desirable in general which brings me to right now sitting in class blogging about the weekend while my adorable (don’t tell him I said that) teacher is trying to get on the internet and get the final on the screen.

Enough of that. The general consensus is that Saturday Night was AWESOME! Probably because it was.

Jay and I went to tropicals it was delightful. No, apparently you cannot chug a trops in 45 minutes. So we start heading up the street towards 10th street, looking for trouble when trouble found us…nice!

(note not the young one wasn't there...sad)

So they captured us as their pretties and took us to Memoir? Old Athena? Boo Be you said you would never…looks like you are.

As we approach I sense the EGO in the air. I’m already used to our crew’s egos so this was new bigger, more, more douche.

In a tight race for best moment of the night Drunkie shows his ID to the bouncer and in his toughest voice the bouncer boomed, I can’t let you in this ID is expired. You could here the record some screeeeeeetching to a stop. What? What this place really has changed I went there every weekend when I was… not quite 21ish. The motto was you don’t need NO ID! I’m pretty sure it was scribbled above the door.

Lucky for everyone involved Drunkie hand him some other form of ID and yells “WELL I GUESS” hilarious, we held up the line for some time after that, laughing too hard to move inside.

Once inside it was like dropping a bag of marbles on the floor, we were all feeling good so we scattered, meeting where….

…the dance floor of course duh!

We danced all night in our own little worlds…I guess that was just me and my boo be.

Jayme may have a different take on the night…

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