Monday, April 26, 2010

Fairly Uneventful

Friday night, 4.23.2010…ohhh where to start??
Actually, it was pretty I really have absolutely NO idea where to start!

Despite its uneventfulness, it was a fun night.

It will be forever remembered as (1) The first time a complete stranger grabbed my ass with both hands in the process of asking for my number (2) The night the name-dropping choreographer confessed his love for me (3) And the tragic evening that I found out my boyfriend from class has no idea who I am...and now thinks I’m a stalker.

I’m assuming Haleigh has nothing to add to this post since it was a pretty uneventful night, one in which her and Taso danced the night away with each other...and tried their hardest to convince me to talk to my class boyfriend. Good think I learned years ago NOT to take Haleigh’s advice..

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