Friday, April 30, 2010

I just punched someone.


I have a question

I just punched someone

I punched the crap out of her and now I’m trying to run away.

Ahahaha. The 1 minute 37 second walk from Big 12 to Tonic on Thursday is NEVER dull.

What had happened was… we walk up behind this girl stumbling up the street. She’s on the phone trying to fix her shoe (that didn’t even close to match what she was wearing - red poka dot summer heels with black leather..what?). She’s trying to gather her balance and apparently her thoughts as she makes her way up the street. Stumbling from someone the rest of us couldn’t see.

Apparently if you’re a woman waiting in line to use the men’s restroom the appropriate response when a man asks you if someone is in the men’s restroom is…”Why you wanna suck his ****?” Stephen’s College in the House!

The REAL Harry Potter made an appearance at Tonic last night and tried to freak dance with every intoxicated woman in the club…get it!

The Girl that took off her skirt to dance. It was all good because she apologized. Really happened.

And for the portion we all know and love HIGHLIGH of the NIGHT!

Brought to you again by the lovely Jayme Harrold.

Walking from Tonic back to our car Jayme stops us in our tracks to make a very important announcement. Guys, guys, that wasn’t even that fun!

Board with going out in Columbia after only 2 weeks, that has to be some sort of record. I’m so proud.

Dear Columbia,

You still have a chance to improve the attractiveness of your after hours night life to the Harrold Sisters and Company.

Included in this letter you will find a list of our demands.

1. Diversify the club scene
2. Less house more of what we love to listen to
3. Transitions, we don’t like to feel like an “a bomb” was dropped in between songs
4. Go back to the old school, 2005, you did it right back then

That’s all…for now.

With Hope for a better Future

Haleigh Harrold

Tonight date night to Date Night!

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