Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Night of Awkward Moments

I must agree with Haleigh, Saturday was the best night, far. BUT it was also the most awkward night ever, at least for me. Allow me to tell you about it..

First awkward moment.

We lose the boys in an attempt to get ourselves some drinks. In our search for them in the crowded club, we happen to run into the douche mentioned in an earlier post as “the former football player”. Yes, this is the dude I pushed several times until he finally left our presence. Well, I find myself directly in front of him, both of us trying to get through the crowd going opposite directions. After staring each other down, we decide to not to start a confrontation and to just move past each other. The problem was, we kept trying to go the same way. I went left, he went left. I went right, he went right. I go left again, he goes left again. In his haste to get around me, he kept spilling his drink on me. Ugh.

To much of the onlookers’ surprise, no, we were not dancing with each other. We actually strongly dislike each other. We were just trying to get past each other without it being too awkward. FAIL.

Second awkward moment.

Have you ever had some built up irritation with someone and you know they know you are irritated with them, but neither of you feel the need to have the conversation? And then when you see them they think its cool to just pretend that there isn’t an issue when there IS?

Well this happened Saturday night. I do not have fake friends. A hug was attempted...and denied lol

Third awkward moment.

I’m dancing in my own little world as usual when this dude comes up, puts his arms around me, and exclaims, “GIRRRL, DIDN’T I TELL YOU TO STOP CHEATIN ON ME?!?”. Uhhh whaaat? My exact thought process..

  1. Excuse me Sir, I do not cheat. Especially not on someone im in a relationship with.
  2. Wait..Do I even have a boyfriend? No. I do not. This dude is TRIPPIN!
  3. Uhh hold I even know who this guy is? His voice sounds familiar, but his face is not ringing a bell. Negative.
  4. Ohhh waaait...He’s the guy that’s been speaking into the microphone all night..hence the microphone in his hand.
  5. So I reply, “Uhhh sorry” : )

He laughs, starts to walk away, then continues blabbing in the microphone about some more nonsense.

Fourth awkward moment.

So not only was the birthday boy, Mr. Nkosi present, but his friends also came out with us! I knew most of them, but met this new guy named Fred who actually works at Memoir Saturday nights. So I couldn’t remember exactly what he looked like, alcohol may have been a factor, but I DID remember he was wearing a red polo. So I see a dude with a red polo around us pretty much all night assuming its Fred. Didn’t think anything of it. The last 30 minutes or so, Haleigh and I are dancing and this guy in the red polo is right by us dancing too. We are all facing each other. He keeps saying stuff to us, and naturally I am friendly back because I thought that since he was Taso’s friend, he must not be a creeper.

We get outside about an hour later and Haleigh starts talking about this interesting dude that was dancing by us for a really long time. I reply, “Oh yea, you mean Taso’s friend Fred. He is so nice!” She informs me, “Jayme, that was not Fred. That was some random creeper. We do not know him”.

Lol oops : )

On a side note, he does get some points in my book for pointing out Haleigh's "blemish"

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