Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh where to start!

So now we've gotten to the point where we are at the front of the line at Tonic. The guy looks at my IDs (yes I showed him two forms, I run into trouble a lot) for about 3 minutes and says "Ma'am please step aside I'm going to have to get a second opinion". He then glances at Jayme's ID and lets her right in. The outrage! Excuse me, I am her older sister, three years older, check the names, check the addresses. Needless to say he let me in with out a second opinion.

Okay, so now we are inside Tonic. Two vodka cranberries por favor! The bartender nastily replies I'm not spanish WHAT! Since when is it offensive to speak random spanish. I shouted we just got back from Mexico! He didn't care, our drinks were weak.

We then get in another verbal altercation with a fellow who doesn't take no for an answer and think I'm the younger sister, what nerve.

Jayme then beats up a former football player to the delight of on lookers and I dance in my own world while Jayme grinds with the swarm of dudes that have congregated around here. All in all good night.

Friday Night at Fieldhouse was spent people watching. Nice. There was a couple in front of us that was quite interesting...I'm not all that sure they were a couple actually. Seemed like he was much less than interested and she was compensating...sad. We saw the usual sorostitutes and the usual douches. We pretty much avoided those areas. Danced in a music video recorded by the mirror in the back of the club.

The most interesting event of the night was the coke-head dance off. Hilarious and kind of scary. Jayme would you care to elaborate.

I was just thinking Taso is going to love a play by play of our nights out in Columbia if he ever finds this blog lol...not that I'm hiding it from him.

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