Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pirates and Disco Balls

Alright…there is two interesting and fairly consistent things I have noticed in these past 2 weeks of going out in this fine town of Columbia, MO.

1. 11 o’clock at Fieldhouse is the time for skinny white boys to show their skills on the dance floor. If this is something you enjoy watching (which me and Haleigh do), arrive promptly at 11PM. Both weeks when we got there, there has been some gentlemen performing their best moves, which is a unique combination of grinding, krump, and jerkin. My educated guess is that their moves are a direct influence of the bottomless cup until 12AM...them arriving around 10PM and consistently drinking until they can’t no more.

2. Women must respond well to dudes walking up to them in the club and straight up asking for their number. No pre-asking conversations. No pre-asking dancing. And no known mutual friends. I assume some women must respond to this approach, because multiple men have tried this on me. My reaction is always utter confusion. Really dude? At least dance with me or give me some type of compliment first lol

Take it away Katarina..

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