Friday, April 16, 2010

So Unconventional

Every time I step foot in Big 12 I instantly feel like I am losing brain cells and intelligence. I think worshiping people and doing things because its cool is ridiculous...and there is wayy too much of that going on in there. The first thing I said last week when I got there was, "OMG remind me to NEVER come here again"...I'm a little ashamed to say that it was so entertaining we had to go back this week lol

Big 12 was interesting and entertaining as usual, but we spent most of our night dancing at Tonic...Haleigh all boo'ed up and me in my own dancing world. I made a new friend, LJ, and danced next to him for most the night while turning creepers and away. We were about to leave when this boy comes and taps me on the shoulder.

He said, "You know, we were talking about how unconventional your outfit is, but we decided you really pulled it off".

Time Out...unconventional?? I'm used to Haleigh's crazy outfits so some light yellow shorts, purple shirt, and some black heals (see above) in a club is NOT that unconventional. This guy would not be convinced otherwise though. I knew what he was saying was a compliment, but I couldn't help staring at him with confusion for a good 30 seconds. Some good arguments were made, but we decided to agree to disagree. Afterall, he is from Missouri.

I wake up this morning wondering who the heck had gently cradled my face with his hand then lightly kissed my cheek last night. Hmmm. I can remember my reaction being like, whoa, uhhh, alright...but couldn't remember who this mystery man was. Good thing Haleigh remembered. She informed me it was the dude who thought my outfit was unconventional. To make things even more awkward, I can remember the dude being with his girlfriend when I was arguing with him about colors that match. I doubt the girlfriend enjoyed her boyfriend kissing me. Ohh Missourians.

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