Monday, April 12, 2010

Stripper-Coke Head Dance Off..

In addition to Haleigh’s post of Tonic...let me just say,

  1. The beating up of a former football player was well deserved for prior douchebagness on his part. And yes, he was scared of all 110 pounds of me : )
  2. And I have to confess, there was a little grinding on my part...please note though, that no names were

In addition to Haleigh's FieldHouse summary, the second-best part of the evening was right after we parked we came into contact with the dude at Tonic from the previous night who we got into our umpteenth verbal altercation of the weekend with...the one who “would not take no for an answer, thinking Haleigh was the younger sister”. This time he was accompanied by some friends of his. Thankfully he did not remember us, but asked where we were headed for the night. Then him and his friends, all at once, begin a “tryin to holla at us” session, yelling obscenities at us till we cross the street. We look at each other, roll our eyes, and continue on with our night.

And now for the BEST part of the evening."The coke head dance off". In our attempt to avoid the sorostitues and douches, we end up right in the middle of the stripper-coke head dance off. Surprisingly enough, neither of them was dressed for the club.

The stripper is in flip-flops, cut off ankle sweats, and a t-shirt. A drink in one hand and her over-sized purse in the other. Her and her boy-toy/lover for the night begin to stare at me and Haleigh, thinking we want to battle or something...lmao. (She never got the hint that we don’t do that, but thankfully she eventually found other competition) She hands her drink and over-sized purse to her lover, then proceeds to hump the floor, the air, herself (yes it its possible), and random girls, get low, shake it like a salt shaker, and give her boy a lap dance...pretty much anything a stripper would do, this girl was doing lol

The coke head was dressed in some jeans, flip-flops, and a tank top. She didn’t come into the picture until the stripper began dancing on her. The coke head didn’t shake back, she twitched back. That was her only move lol. She was quite the professional twitcher though. She did this thing where she bent her knees and twitched then stood up again and twitched some more. People began to make a circle around them while they danced on each other. The harder the stripper shook, the harder the coke head twitched. It was quite the scene. Luckily the coke head was not a fighter because there came a point where the stripper shoved her so hard she almost fell. The song changed just then, and the dance off was over.

We finished off the night making a music video in the wall-sized mirror with the dude in shades, presumably high on Marijuana. He seemed cool. Kind of wanted to become his friend : ) All in all, a good night

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