Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday Night Fever

Oh Thursday, how I love you... and hate you Friday morning.

I got some exciting news Thursday afternoon that my boo be and his lovable friends would be meeting us out.

Haleigh: Text me when you headed up

Boo Be: How about I just show up

Haleigh: Yeah okay you show up and we'll flirt with each other like we don't know each other and then I'll take you home.

Hook. line. & sinker.

This really jazzed Jay and I.

On top of that best SNL's of 2000's was on...sweet. We were dying laughing and only got ready on commercials. Apparently Jayme picked out an "unconventional outfit"??? She'll have to fill you in on that.

So we get to our favorite Douche bar... I mean Big 12

Got our cran vodka and chilled.

Highlight of my night...


Shortly after this I tossed a piece of ice right down Jayme's shirt only moments after she laid down the Going Out As Sisters Rules

Jayme: No pushing (she didn't follow that one)

Haleigh: No throwing wet things (obviously thats too much for me)

Things get interesting when a "party trolly" (is this San Fran) full of athletes swoops in and swarms the bar.

To be surrounded by athletes that we really couldn't care less to chill with is like sitting in a bee hive your just waiting for them to sting.

On the plus side we chatted with Pip for quite a while and as it turns out she is just like us, weird and down to earth at the same time. Who would have known.

So Chase Daniels (is there an S?), I know your wondering who is that, I am too. Well apparently he thinks he is somebody because he interrupts our conversation to say something unintelligible to Pip and then eye stares. Jayme and I promptly roll our eyes and divert our eyes out the window, which is tinted so kind of like starring into a black hole. Even that is better than giving something like Chase attention.

of course the three of us are beautiful so we are interrupted several more times, Jay take it away....

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