Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wait...where are you from?

Typical Jayme and Haleigh. Walk into Fieldhouse, head to the back and step up to the bar for a drink. Unfortunately the only part of the bar that wasn't packed was right in the mist of several undesirables. So we stood there really confused for about five minutes like oh no what should we do. Do we risk it and step in the middle of a swarm or do we patiently wait. It's not like us to be patient yet the thought of stepping up to the bar in the middle of a swarm... ooo what to do.

Luckily Jaron stepped in and saved the day, got us some cranberry vodka that tasted like...not cranberry vodka. Not sure what the deal is with fieldhouses cranberry or their vodka but it was interesting...not bad, interesting.

We found the perfect seat and watched the boys do their thing.

When we found our way to the dance floor the action began. First this boy walks ups and asks Jayme her name of course she says it is Penelope. He gets really excited, creepy smiles and asks where are you from. Confused Jayme says uh OREGON. He though she was from his native Brazil because her name (fake name) was Penelope...ahahaha.

So this really sexy guy walks in and starts dancing near us. There is a lot of sexual tension between us and he leans over to ask me my name. "My name is Katarina...but you can call me pussy cat,"yeah I said it. My boo be got a good laugh.

I freak grinded with my boo be while Jayme ran through the fellas turning them down one by one.

We were in our own world all it!

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