Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why do white girls dance on each other?

This has been the most asked question of my adult life. Frankly I have no idea. I would much rather dance on a man for several pretty obvious reasons. Dancing with a dude just mechanically works better, not to mention its more fun.

This leads me to Friday night. Two average looking college girls, by that I mean on bleach blonde and one brunette (sounds like Jay and I but we don't do the most hair and makeup wise)... anyways... they strut on to the dance floor hand in hand and just go to town on each other.

My boo be points and says no way thats not making your blog.

Thanks baby!

At one point the bleach blondes mouth was about a centimeter from the brunette's cho cha. Really Girls?!?

I mean I'm all about having a good time, do yoru thang, but first tell my why. I'm 100% certain there were more than a handful of dudes ready and willing to dance with these two pretty, fun chicks.

So why dance on each other? Enlighten me please, comments welcome.

Let me just put it out there the lack of inflated EGOS made my friday night enjoyable...sorry j-chasers!

Now for the segment we all know and love HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT!

This weeks Highlight of the Night is brought to you by none other than Jayme Harrold.

So this skinny boy (side note...once I though he was the guy who stole my cell phone so I spit ice at him at the club, he wasn't the guy, oops) anyways he approaches Jay to spit game at her. The first time it was cute, I think she kind of liked it, even though it was OBVIOUSLY game.

Dude she already knows she gorgeous!

The second time he catches her attention near the bar and we leave her to chat. She eventually finds us with this DIVA smile creeping across her face. I give her the what now....

...he was doing the most.

She says, Were talking and somehow we get on the subject of California (everybody wants to be from/go to California) and he asks me if I've ever been to LA. I say no.

He says oh do you know blah blah blah...she is in the group that won America's Best Dance Crew (America's WHAT?!?)

Uh no (confused look and tone from Jay I imagine)

Oh well thats my ex-girlfriend and I went out there to see her...

(okay now imagine the most disappointed poor you voice from Jayme) Oh...now your name dropping.

Dude, Jayme, did you really say that?


Ahahahaha who does that...only you little Jay, only you!

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