Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hold The Phone

Date Night was AWESOME!

What is better than TROPS

followed/accompanied by SUSHI

and topped of with Date Night (funny, yet mushy)

And on top of an already great night we witnessed high schoolers at their finest. Possible reason I don't return to the movie theaters.

The good... Dad pulls up in a mini-van. Girl awkwardly hugs boy friend. Girl gets in van. Boy shy waves at dad. Cute

The bad... we're giving the exhausted ticket taker (looked worn out) our tickets when these high school boys walk up and are like oh yeah I know blah blah and these girls they get in free, common man. Naughty.

The ugly... remember this song.

Imagine some young girls using this format to make fun of each other. Ouch. Hope they grow up fast.

Great Night!

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