Friday, May 21, 2010

Since we wont be going out as sisters....

...we're just going to be going out.

I know this maybe a form of sisterhood suicide but since Jayme isn't here I'm going to be forced to blog about going out with someone else.

I know what your thinking, it sounds like cheating. Calm down. She knows about my other lover, she loves him too but in a different way, whoa now we're border lining on weird.

Any who. I asked him and he said I could as long as I keep him a ? (a secret)

So now the challenge do you blog about a wild, passionate relationship is an interesting and appropriate (insert tactful) way? Is it possible?..

For me, probably not. I'm gonna try to keep the "parental discretion advised" label off my blog.

Stay tuned. Tonight we go out. Tonight I flip.

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