Monday, September 27, 2010

Tonic Night...again

Welll, it was Thursday and the 5 musketeers had nothing better to do sooo…

yup you guessed it! We headed out to Tonic (aka techno club)

Ok. There’s some rules/regulations you must follow in order to Go out as Sisters.

First of all, you HAVE to be economical...especially when you’re dealing with your OWN money. If you don’t pay attention, it’ll be gone before ya know it and you’ll be headin home drunk and broke.

The next important rule you need to follow is ALWAYS have your pre-going out Nutter Butter, followed by a quick nap. If you can get these two things done prior to steppin out the door, you will be better prepared for a fantastic night.

Another thing most sisters don’t understand that is a must is, there always has to be at least one diva and one under control sis. These roles may change throughout the night, but you are in for a real disaster if you happen to get two divas and no sister under control at the same time. Trust me.

Also, keep an open mind when you go out in a Mid-West college town. You will hear quite a lot of techno...and will most likely come across some ignorant folks. (you may want to perfect your “techno dance” cause if not, you’re in for a whole lot of standing and not much dancing)

Have both an optimist and a...realist, in order to keep things interesting.

Let the good music come to you (this can be done by sitting in the corner table texting and creepin on the weirdos dancing. i promise it can become quite entertaining)

Uhhh white boys dance funny. Not really a rule/regulation, mostly just an observation of the night. Technically its not really dancing thought, just butt wiggling from side to side. Some may justifiably say its cute. Some. ; )

#1 Entertainment Rule: Pay close attention to the “ladies room gossip”. Soooo much drama goin on in there. Love it.

Always go out with a member of the law enforcement (Michael)

And last but not least...ALWAYS feed your drunk friend hots dogs from the local street vender. It’ll snap em right out of their drunken stuper and they’ll be set for a couple more hours of gossip and animal shaped bracelet talk (or whatever sorostitutes talk about)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Family Game Night has never taste so good.

Family game night quickly turns into neighbors banging on the ceiling.

Thank goodness they have babies so they understand.

We can't even describe how funny this video is.

Jayme had a spiritual awakening, Haleigh said who knows 30 times and Taso is not in the video which he thinks if fantastic.

No crotch shots because Jayme didn't get any flip action.

Monday, September 6, 2010

We obviously don't get out much

Every once in a while we get brave and eat somewhere other than our house. We eat Mexican food about every other day so it is only fitting that when we do eat out we eat Mexican food.

We used to get depressed when we went out to Mexican food in Missouri because it was terrible.

Not fresh.
Too much cheese sauce.
Mediocre margaritas.

It's enough to make a West Coast Girl long for the Mexican food she knows and loves. Fresh vegetables, real cheese and margaritas that knock your socks off.

But then one sweet day we found El Jimador and our lives were forever changed.

Just watch the video.