Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Return of the Sister

Has Going Out as Sisters ever been this fun... I think NO!

We loaded up on sassy and hit KC Power & Light armed with 3 days worth of Dance Central moves.

Jayme may have overdosed on the sassy, by the end of the night she had 4 gentleman following her and one even following her ALL THE WAY to the car. But I'll let her fill you in on that.

Penelope does Kansas City.

Despite my hatred for the midwest, I surprisingly LOVED KC. The lack of sorostitutes, orange skin, yellow/white hair, childish rubber animal bracelets, and talk of who hooked up with who last night was the highlight of my trip. Alright, maybe a little dramatic but point being, Kansas City is cool.

For real, highlights of 'Return of the Sister' weekend:

1. A bedroom/bath all ready for me upon arrival, complete with contact solution.
2. Scooters for coffee and breakfast burrito, plus a major catch-up session
3. AMERICAN JAZZ MUSEUM along with Hai's amazing co-workers
4. "Jazz is...." exhibit. Loved it. I would take a picture just so I could remember it BUT there was too many signs that said, DO NOT TAKE PICTURES. Didn't feel it would be right to get kicked out on the first day, let alone at Haleigh's place of employment.
5. Kickin it with the little one. Trip to the park, (I'm peeeeeeing on the FLOOOOOR!!!) Easter egg coloring, hot cocoa at the grocery store, Easter egg hunt, etc, etc, etc.
6. Homemade Chimichangas
7. Visit from my bff
8. Danceeeeeee Centrallllll!!!! on the kinect. I was a little obsessed. I am still obsessed.
Last but not least, Drum roll please.....
9. POWERRR AND LIIIIIGHT!!! In a well executed attempt at re-creating Tonic night (minus Enocky) Going out as Sisters succeeded in having 'the times of our lives'.
I'm starting to realize I get crazy. Real Crazy. I met more men (some sexier than others) in one night then i've met the whole time i've been back in Oregon. I get.....social?? The Jamaican, the bouncer, the dancer (aka, my boyfriend), the other dancer,  the man from Louisiana that mistakenly thinks LSU is gonna beat Oregon football next year (wtf?), ALWAYS meet interesting people in the ladies room,  uhhh and George?

All in all, NO, going out has never been this fun.

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